• Protect Yourself
    Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) increases risk of breast cancer and affects brain development of the baby during pregnancy.
  • Protect Your Future
    30% less sperm count, lower testosterone and a risk of erectile dysfunction is reported in men who carry their cell phones more than 3 hours a day.
  • Protect Your CHILDREN
    Children absorb 10 times more radiation than adults which can impede their brain development.
  • Protect Your Family
    Microwave radiation penetrates body cells, leading to production of free radicals and oxidative stress.

What Is NESU?

NESU Smart Phone Card (NSPC) is a chip that prevents the absorption of negative radiation from mobile devices into the human body. It was created after long-standing research aiming to protect people from the damaging influence of electromagnetic fog. NESU is recommended for any person who uses mobile devices (any cell phone/smart phone, tablet, wi-fi router) or is exposed to electromagnetic radiation in any other way. NESU is an award winning, globally unique and innovative technology that has been recognized by the International Invention Committee as World No. 1 product in protection from mobile radiation. Make NESU your standard in protecting your health and the health of those dear to you.

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NESU Features

All Device Compatible

Works on all models of smart phones, tablets & laptops.

Complete Protection

From absorption of hazardous electromagnetic radiation.

Health Benefits

Natural health benefits of Gold, Quartz, Silver, Copper & Nickel.

Doesn’t Reduce / Interfere

Doesn’t reduce nor interfere with the signals or performance of your smart devices.


Stabilizes bio field of human body.

Long Lasting

Long lasting, with a life time of minimum 5 years.


Easy to carry and looks neat on your phone.

Tested & Certified

NESU has been medically tested & certified in world known labs & institutes.




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